The Feedforward Conception of Consciousness,

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The Feedforward Conception of Consciousness, is an unpublished manuscript. It was mainly written between 1982 and 1984.

It is a theoretical approach to understand Bandler and Grinders 1979 book Frogs into Princes within a framework of experimental (neuro) psychology.

Lucas Derks sees this book as his main creative contribution to psychology. At the time, he tried to get it published with th help of New York Institute of Technology psychology professor dr. Robert Goldblatt. There was no publisher found. Lucas created a dutch summary (Psychotherapy a Matter of Habituation = Psychotherapie een Kwestie van Wennen, 1989)

"Expanding the neuro in NLP", which is the next article on this website's list of articles, contains many of de views in a brief format.

1000 copies, sold out.

. Robert Goldblatt and Lucas Derks, in front of the World Trade Center in New York 1985.

Thanks to Wolgang Walker, a psychologist from Berlin the manuscript was scanned and can be downloaded in four parts. Part two contains the crucial theoretical statements.

Part one Part two Part three Part four